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Dog days of summer, already?


Did you blink? Yup you did and you missed it. As we say in my household "she gone".

If your lawn took a beating this winter (whose didn't) and you were waiting for some rainy, cool days to seed those bare patches or replace/install plants. Sorry I think they have past.

What does this all mean and how can we move forward? Eternal hope my friends. Hope that fall allows for cooler day and night temperatures and moisture. Moisture in the air and more importantly in the ground. You can plant now but, watering is a must and if you have sandy soil conditions like I do. It is watering twice a day to make for happy healthy root systems.

Jungle Jims installs lawns of all sizes and if you would like a free quote for a yard expansions or just seeding give us a call at (603) 736-8896

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