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Tree Removal is performed for two reasons, either out of necessity or simply for cosmetic purposes. Whether you choose to clean up the look of your home or Mother Nature chooses to do it for you, Jungle Jims is here to help. Our list of Tree Services ranges from hazardous take downs & emergency responses to utility & maintenance pruning. No matter what your tree removal needs are in the Concord, NH or Manchester NH areas, trust the Jungle Pros to handle your Jungle woes at whatever level of service that may be required. Choose Jungle Jims, NH Excavation, Tree, Landscape and Snow services contractor to help.

Emergency Response & Tree Removal

During an emergency the last thing you want to do is spend time “waiting” for a response to your immediate situation. With a 24-Hour Emergency response team we will help get your crisis under control.  Call (603) 736-8898 if you have an emergency tree situation. 

Hazardous Take Downs

Trees that have rotted or broken areas or are leaning severely pose a threat structures, vehicles and people should they fall. Damage can also be caused by branches or "hangers" that dangle unattached awaiting the next strong breeze to fall.

Don’t wait until they become an emergency, have these issues taken care of today!

Utility Trimming

Utility pruning removes branches that have come too close to power, phone or cable lines. These branches can be extremely dangerous causing outages, surges and in some cases fires. We approach these situations with extreme caution, contacting the utilities in advance and utilizing proper procedure to ensure the safety of not only our clients and their properties but, to our employees as well.

Emergency Tree Services
Tree Removal, Storm damage Clean-up
Tree removal, crane work, limbing, pruning

Maintenance and Pruning

Pruning maintenance on trees and shrubs around your home should be done on a regular basis. Small, medium or large, size shouldn’t matter but, larger trees with mature growth should be given a good examination twice a year (spring and fall) to identify weak limbs and damage from storms or pests that may have occurred throughout the year. These examinations and acting quickly to rectify any issues will help in keeping your mature trees from becoming hazardous trees.

Roadside and Storm Clean Up

Clean-ups are usually performed after a storm. Strong wind, heavy ice or snow build up causes severe stress on trees and leads to breaking or extreme leaning around a private property. Jungle Jims can come in and clean up the debris in a number of different ways to meet any budget.  


Clean-ups along public roads are usually conducted or contracted out by the town or city. Road side clean-ups are done as a maintenance precaution to clean up overgrown shrubs and trees that may become a nuisance in the future.

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