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Why buy your fire wood local?

It’s better to buy firewood from a local logger than to buy oil or gas from overseas. Spending money locally strengthens the local economy.

Since firewood is usually harvested nearby, those who burn wood are less likely than those who burn oil or gas to experience unexpected disruptions in their fuel supply.

Wood stove technology is simple and robust. Wood stoves can keep a house warm when electrical service is disrupted — for example, during an ice storm.

Wood ashes are a useful soil amendment; they help raise the pH of acid soil and supply potassium, a necessary plant nutrient.

The environmental effects of firewood harvesting are more benign than the environmental effects of coal mining or oil and gas drilling.

Jungle Jims has Log Length hardwood firewood for sale our truck holds 4 +cord for $550. We also have Seasoned Firewood Cut & Split for $320.00 a cord. Free Delivery with in a 20 mile radios of our location. Let us keep you warm!

Call 603-736-8896 for more information.

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