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It is about to happen. again!

Soon the kids will be back in school and the color of the leaves on the trees will begin to change. Painting the landscape in red, orange and yellow. The air will cool and then at some point it will happen, Winter!

With winter comes snow and storms that create an enviroment that leaves many of us looking out at the world from inside our warm and cozy homes. Maybe you are gazing out, carefully trying to determine if that leaning pine tree has sunk to the left a few more inches or if those, now bare, branches are straining against the weight of the heavy wet snow. Thinking to yourself "how come I didn't care of this in the fall"?

Now is your chance to have those trees and limbs you are questioning taken care of. Jungle Jims is fully insured and always offers free estimates.

Call today for your free estimate (603) 736-8896

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